Sunday, July 26, 2009

Webcam Nightmares

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The website was called "Webcam Nightmares," and it only captured people during crises.

The first cam captured a cigarette smoker at home who was out of smokes and too drunk to drive to the nearest convenience store. It was 2 am, so he couldn't call his friends, either. Watching his dilemma was heartrendering.

The second was a stoner who finished off five bowls and was too broke to go shopping for food. He brought his camera into the kitchen and showed us his empty pantries. It was heartbreaking. He opened the fridge and inside was only a small bottle of seltzer water. That's when I had to go to a different cam.

On this particular cam we got to see a person after his monitor died, yet he was still broadcasting, but couldn't see anything except a dark screen. He kept staring into the monitor with a worried look. It was 3 am. By 5 am he was staring directly into the webcam.

Finally, one cam had a girl stripping, but she had such a bad connection, it took 30 minutes for each article of clothing to peel off. Nobody has that kind of patience.
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