Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stoner/Drunk elements of style

The Elements fo StyleImage by zappowbang via Flickr

I'm writing this stoned out of my mind. When I'm stoned, I'm concerned about punctuation, which is why I'm using a keyboard now, because it has all the symbols (at my fingertips). If I wrote this without a keyboard, I might forget a comma or a period, or God-forbid, a dash. Drunk I WRITE LIKE THIS and could CARE LESS about spelling or PUNCTUATION and forget where I am in a sentence and end up talking about Aunt Claurice, who raised me as a child, along with several puppies, most of whom grew up to be excellent companions. I'm actually DRINKING now and it FEELS GOOD!! Did I mention I love punctuation when I'm DRUNK?? What kind of symbol is this anyway ~ ? And what does it DO??
This is the stoner speaking, and I apologize for everything I've written so far, and I intend to wrap this up, but I have some re-editing to do, so I can figure out how.
In the meantime, THANK GOD for keyboards for MAKING ALL THIS POSSIBLE!!
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