Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"Did you see the girl with the eyes that can pop out of her head?"

"Yes, and frankly I find it attractive."

"Why? It's so freaky!"

"I would love to be able to do that."


"If my eyes popped out you'd be always thinking I was paying close attention."

"I never thought of that..."

"I would be very focused, as far as you were concerned, even if my mind was elsewhere."

"Without a doubt. How would you blink, though? Could you get your eyelids over those things?"

"Probably not, but my peripheral vision would be vastly improved."

"Yeah, you could just swivel an eyeball..."

"Exactly. No more guesswork."

"How does she do it, with her eyes like that?"

"I think the trick is to hold your breath for a very long time."


"Something like this..." He inhaled, and held his breath. For five minutes.

"You did it!"

"On my very first try."

"You have bulging eyes now."

"I know, they can see each other."

"You seem very aware."

"Just focused."

"Can I try?"

"Go ahead."

He held his breath for a record 6 minutes...and nothing happened.

"Damn good try."

" tank youu now i go fr a nap"

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