Sunday, July 5, 2009


Cover of "Dangerous"Cover of Dangerous

Last night at the beach there was a fireworks tribute to Michael Jackson and his face was in the air a long time and I talked to the events coordinator afterward who said there was a bit of controversy in the planning stages of what face to use, and they finally settled on an "intermediate face" from the "Dangerous" years. But, there was controversy on how many white flares to use in the production, and someone pointed out that black flares wouldn't be visible, so they settled on the "Invincible" years instead.

They played selections from his best album (in my opinion), "Off the Wall," which was genius.
Coincidentally, at the planetarium next week, there's going to be an "Off the Wall" vs. "The Wall" laser light show. It will feature the chorus of Pink Floyd vs. Michael, and will have songs like "Young Lust" and "Stop" and "The Trial" and "Run Like Hell" and "Waiting For The Worms."

Before the tribute to Michael, there was a similar, but smaller tribute to Farrah, and before that an even smaller one for Ed McMahon, and before that, an even smaller one for Gale Storm. (Karl Malden didn't make the budget in time.)
I hate to think of who's going to be "tributed" next year. Let's hope all our celebrities stay safe til then.
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