Monday, November 2, 2009

Rude Comment to YouTube "Taxman" Leads to Audit

Mark Krowly didn't take kindly to IRS agent Gerald Fitts making a YouTube video warning potential tax dodgers to look out this season. He told the agent to "f--k off" during a 197 character rant that may have led to his audit.

Krowly claims he was angry the IRS "would invade a peaceful hamlet like YouTube with fussy, veiled threats," and was investigated by the IRS shortly thereafter, for a comment he admits crossed the line.

"I basically challenged the legitimacy of the tax, as well as the legitimacy of Mr. Fitts' birth," he said.

Before being audited Krowly received dozens of emails from concerned YouTube citizens who warned him that he might need to get his financial affairs in order. Krowly realized at that point "I was pretty much toast."

When he tried to delete his comment, a cryptic message on the web page announced "Comments Are Disabled." Krowly's comment had gone into the void, as well as hundreds of others. The IRS would not comment on these comments, or if there is a procedure to collect them.

A woman in Utah wishing to stay anonymous says she is particularly worried about Krowly's fate, because she commented directly underneath his comments in support of his opinion.

She has hired an attorney.
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