Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roll Play

After love makingImage by Stoichiometry via Flickr

"You will be the dog and I will be the master. Roll over."

She rolled over.

"Good, now play dead."

She whimpered a little and died.

"Now reawaken."

She scrambled right up.

"Now be happy."

She didn't have a tail, so she wagged her tongue.

"Perfect. Now find me your bone."

She sniffed his zipper.


She soon had his bone in her mouth. It was a big bone, the kind she liked. She preferred it sideways, though. When she was done she left lots of drool.

"Finish it off," he commanded

She finished it off.

"You made a mess, didn't you?" he scolded.

She panted.

"Come." It wasn't over yet.

She eventually came.
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