Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear 37th President

Richard NixonImage by gfoots via Flickr

Dear Nixon,

Oh Richard, you know I mean you. After all, what other Nixons are there?

I miss your nose and your deep voice. Your voice was pretty deep, did you know that? It was the opposite of Jimmy Carter's higher-pitched voice. Maybe Jimmy got elected because of his voice, which was completely the opposite of yours.

I miss your double "V" for victory sign as you left us, intent on boarding a military helicopter, going who knows where. San Clemente? The peaceniks around the country watched you do this on TV and didn't do a "V" in return.

I miss you going up against the hippie establishment, almost single-handedly. That's probably why you needed to compile a list, a so-called "enemies list," because your "enemies" had to be "compiled" before they could be eliminated because that's how a king operates.

I miss hearing your cronies on tape recordings. None of them were caught singing, or even humming once. I think that says a lot about your administration.

I want you back in office mainly because as soon as you get thrown out again, Disco will re-surface.


Modern Music Hater
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