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Writing challenge: A story that can be told backwards

She screamed. She moaned. He fired at her numerous times, with no ricochets. He was shaking quite a bit. Could he actually do it? Did she deserve it? She looked at him accusingly: When was he going to pull the trigger? He saw her open her eyes. She was very attractive. He was only wearing socks. She was completely naked. He was on top of her. They were in bed. She was his boss. It was ironic that their relationship ended up there. They were in the East Wing of the White House. He could hear a speaker going off down the hallway: "Mr. President, you are wanted in the Lincoln Sitting Room." He hoped he didn't get towed. Did they tow at the White House? He parked next to a Corvette but ended up blocking an official-looking limousine. He'd circled the House for twenty minutes looking for a parking spot.
He had clearance, so did she. They weren't worried about getting caught. They were going to rendezvous in the bedroom of the Lincoln Sitting Room. It was going to be a hot night. It was in the planning stages for days. He didn't dare back out. After all, she was counting on him. He doubled-up on his Viagra. He went doctor shopping. He had to be able to rely on 'ol Pete.' 'Ol Pete' is what he called his favorite gland (beneath his waist). His favorite gland above his waist was his salivary glands. He liked to eat. He wondered what she tasted like. She flirted with him ever since she found out he loved going on diets. He was into trends. She was trendy. He was starchily conservative even though he graduated Yale with a doctorate in Political Science and a mastery of frat partying. He was loyal to his Gators, and to his country. He was a redneck but with convictions. He was convicted of drunk driving but his GPA was so good he could have plowed into someone and still gone to an Ivy League school. He was a Gators fan even though he went to Yale.
He was definitely a Rebel. He came from a family of Rebels. His grandpa was Jezekiah Rebel, the famous Baptist minister. He didn't like ministers since they tended to "minister." He hated being talked down to. The only thing he didn't like about school, especially grade school, was being lectured to. He did very well in grade school in order to score with the hot chicks, but that got him nowhere, yet his GPA was high enough that middle schools across the country vied for his attendance. He was class clown in 4th grade, but got passed over in the 5th grade (for some reason), and mysteriously in the 6th grade too, but regained the title in the 7th grade, so he knew he could be a politician one day, because losing once in a while didn't seem to matter. He was going to be secretary of state, or screw the secretary of state.

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