Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Putting Wrong Number Callers on the Spot

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The cellphone rang. It wasn't for me. It was a "wrong number." I'm not used to "wrong numbers" since I got rid of my landline a couple years ago. Now, when I get a wrong number, it's jarring.
"How did you get this number?" I demand, as if they were telemarketers.
"Huh?" is what I usually get.
I say, "Tell me."
(I know I've only got a second or two before it's over.)
There is a pause. "I don't know. Misdialed?" I've heard that excuse nearly every time so far.
Then I say: "I've got your number."
They say: "Okay?"
I say: "How do you like that? I may call you purposely."
At this point they can no longer hang up.
They say: "Go ahead and call me."
I say: "I am, as soon as you hang up."
They say: "Then I'm not hanging up."
I say: "Hang up."
They say: "No!"
I say, "Bye," and hang up.
Then they call me back immediately -- to keep me from calling them back.
"Hello," I say. This time I know who's calling.
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