Saturday, August 8, 2009

Divorce Rentals

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He was in the rental business, specializing in party rentals, which included wedding-related stuff. Needless to say, he made a lot of money on weddings -- for awhile. But once divorces began to rise, he switched his attention to divorce rentals. Instead of wedding arches, people would rent a long table. Instead of punch bowls, they rented punching gloves. Usually, each divorcee was allowed one punch (according to glove rules). It was amazing how many punches landed on the genitalia (for women) and on the mouths (for men). He rented microwaves to the men, knowing they would be on their own for awhile, and specially-padded telephones to women, so they could make marathon phone calls.

Once, he rented out a metal detector so someone could make his alimony payment on time.

He doesn't do surveillance stuff, but has rented out a parrot to gather intelligence.

He rents out vibrators on occasion and party dolls so each side can re-orient themselves with sex.

He doesn't do refunds. All contracts are final.
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