Friday, July 10, 2009

Traffic "school"

1989 Pontiac Bonneville LEImage via Wikipedia

The light was red so I had an opportunity to see who was next to me in traffic. The lady in the blue Corvette was picking her nose but she was sexy so I decided to skip over her and come back to her later. The gentleman in the red Subaru was talking to himself so I figured he must be on a speakerphone with someone, but his window was cracked and I could hear talk radio coming out so I knew he was talking back to the radio. A guy in a yellow T-bird was smoking a blunt two lanes over and I knew what he was up to. I blasted my horn twice and pointed my finger at him while simultaneously giving him a thumbs up, and I think he mistook it for a pantomime gun since I never saw the blunt again. There was an old lady in front of me in a Bonneville, so I made a mental note to change lanes as soon as the light turned green.

The only discrimination still being tolerated today is: avoiding like the plague old people in traffic. I know that is mean, and possibly "ageist," but it exists, and you and I both know it.
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