Monday, July 20, 2009

Plastic fork

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I served her a plate of my piping hot spaghetti, but I served it with a plastic fork (I ran out of clean forks). She twirled the spaghetti around and put it in her mouth. Then she screamed: "Fak melling!"

Fak melling?

Fork melting!

I slapped my hand on her back as she tried to get the fork from her mouth. It had melded to her tongue! Here I was, hitting her back like she had food stuck in her throat. Wrong technique.

I was about to force her to guzzle a glass of ice water when she was able to pry the fork out. I handed her a glass of wine, into which she stuck her tongue.

"Ahhhh, muth betteh."

I grabbed a real fork from the sink and washed it. Then I handed it to her.

"Thank you, neth time dry it."

Her tongue was improving.
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