Tuesday, July 21, 2009


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I'm a Walgreen's fan, no doubt about it. I practically live at Walgreen's. My friend is a big CVS fan, Walgreen's main competitor. I can't fathom this.

HIM: They got better aisles. Lower shelves so you can see where you're going.

ME: Lower shelves, so if you're trying to hide looking at prophylactics, good luck.

HIM: It has carpet, Walgreen's doesn't.

ME: It has carpet, which allows you to build up static electricity so you can shock the person behind the counter.

HIM: It has more stores nationwide.

ME: Big deal. If you like it so much, what do the initials "CVS" stand for?


HIM: It has better deals!

ME: Do you like being asked for your CVS card every transaction?

HIM: It has everything!

ME: Try looking for a computer mouse there at 10pm.

Walgreen's is where I do all my Christmas shopping <-- disclosure. They seem to have better looking pharmacy techs. They have my brand of Cuban coffee. They have the cleanest bathrooms. They don't wear silly frocks. Some even have liquor stores!
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