Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ozzy-Jacko connection

Ozzy Osbourne is mourning the loss of his dog, Little Bit, a Pomeranian, who was eaten by a coyote while the Osbournes were watching the Michael Jackson tribute and couldn't hear the poor thing's cries for help. This is a true story.

You might have heard that Osbourne, a famous rocker, once ate a bat. Michael Jackson did not listen to heavy metal, except maybe "light" heavy metal, like Van Halen (Eddie played on "Beat It") and never ate any animals that weren't already traditionally eaten by the growing public. It's sad that Ozzy lost a Pomeranian and it's sad that Ozzy owned a Pomeranian.

Michael's former pet, Bubbles the Chimp, is said to be on a working ranch in Florida. Bubbles doesn't consider himself a "former pet" as much as a "non pet" due to Michael's abandonment. Bubbles has a Wikipedia page that's been getting a lot more hits since Michael has been in the news. If you look at the bottom of his Wikipedia page you will see that Bubbles belongs to the category of "Famous chimpanzees," and if you follow that link, and similar links near the bottom of pages, it will lead you straight to Ozzy Osbourne.

I think that Ozzy's dog was a sacrifice, in a way, to Michael. Michael is the new animal sacrificing god. I can't prove it, but it's typical of Ozzy to get things started.
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