Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July eve!

We started celebrating Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day a while back so we looked at other holidays and figured some of them could be celebrated one day in advance, too, like the 3rd of July, when no one is at the beach, and the "Day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the Saturday No One Ever Talks About" because it conveniently falls on a Saturday every year, when you can go crazy. And do go crazy celebrating Easter, because it means we've reached the halfway point to Santa Claus!

We drink eggnog more on Easter than Christmas because it is associated more with eggs. We have scrambled eggs in the morning, followed by boiled eggs (from the hunt) for lunch, then spiked eggnog for dinner with our eggrolls from Wok U down the street.

Another good eve is Memorial Day Eve because that's when the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca Cola 600 take place, and alcohol is consumed, and people, about 600,000 of them, stand up for the National Anthem, and we see flags, lots of flags, and they are yellow, and checkered, and sometimes red, depending on the situation.

Another good holiday eve is New Year's Eve Eve, because it's fun for drunks to say.

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