Monday, June 8, 2009

Nude Mod

I just got off of Bryan's Nude Mod where I experienced TF2 in a whole new dimension. First of all, let me say that in Dustbowl, trying to get out of the blue spawn when two nude Heavies are blocking the door, it's difficult beyond belief. Also, after playing 10 minutes, you can't help but notice who's got the biggest d***. You just can't help noticing it. It becomes perhaps the new measuring stick.
Also, let me say that certain classes get "hard" for certain reasons. The Heavy with his mini gun out, not to mention his tongue sticking out -- did you not think he was getting hard? Tis true.
A few more things I found out:
The soldier gets hard when he gets kritz.
The medic starts getting hard the moment his uber begins to charge. By the time his uber is ready, he is fully aroused.
The demoman gets hard within fifteen meters of an enemy spawn door.
The scout stays hard.
The engineer gets only semi erect and that bothers him because he's an engineer.
The sniper I didn't play and I didn't get close enough to to notice.
The pyro? It had a fig leaf over its unit.
I would have taken some pictures but cameras are not allowed (screenshots are disabled somehow).

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  1. Where is that "Bryan's Mod" that you speak of...? :3