Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gaydar Achievement

I got the "gaydar" achievement, and this is what I was able to pick up (real names withheld).

Joe -C-: I've never bonked any guys, but I've ubered a few
Tomato: I know you like bonking guys
Joe -C-: I like rubbing against your dispenser
Tomato: lol
Tomato: I like slapping my ball into your face
Tomato: as a scout
Tomato: I like coming behind you as a spy
Joe -C-: lol
Tomato: I like aiming right at your face as a sniper
Joe -C-: I love your dot in my mouth
Tomato: lol
Tomato: I like charging you up real good
Joe -C-: Let me turn my back to you so you can charge quicker
Tomato: haha
Joe -C-: He sapped me so much I'm exhausted right now
Joe -C-: I can barely build
Tomato: I like exploding you with my stickies
Joe -C-: I like exploding and leaving you sticky
(they were in the map Turbine)
Tomato: I like being at your bottom entrance

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