Saturday, August 15, 2009

Munchies Update

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I have candy corn left over from last Halloween and I'm threatening to eat some unless I can locate my wallet that I hid to prevent me from making any late night food runs. There's a 7-11 exactly 2.2 miles from here, and I know I can be in the Taquitos section within two minutes once the car is in 1st gear.

I had peanut butter on a spoon last night, and tonight I'm completely out of peanut butter, but I do have regular butter, and the thought crossed my mind to eat a spoonful of that and take my chances...

Tapioca. T-a-p-i-o-c-a. Doesn't that sound good? Tapioca! I must find a store that has that, all of a sudden.

...The hunt for the wallet continues...

I have exactly 8 cinnamon Tic Tacs left, and if I play it right, I won't chew them, I will savor them, and possibly stave off hunger, at least until tomorrow morning, which is when I'll likely find my wallet.
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