Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Abortionist

They called him 'The Abortionist' -- he killed ubers before they were born. My uber was about to be born, but didn't make it. I was 93% along the way. He was very versatile with his knife, and it was over just like that.
Every time I see an engineer with his arms stretched out, carrying around his soon-to-be-born sentry, I get sentimental. I want to ask him if it'll be a girl or a boy. (I doubt he knows, though.)
My uber didn't have a name. I would have called it Spike. I carried that uber a long time, over many miles. Maybe my next one will be less difficult. Who knows. It will bring joy to certain people, misery to others, but I know one thing: two of us will be very happy
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