Monday, June 22, 2009

Maple Debate

Maple Syrup Pecan Ice CreamImage by Sifu Renka via Flickr

Maple flavored anything.

Me and a friend are maple freaks. Maple bars, maple syrup, maple walnut ice cream. Absolutely love it.

I asked my friend, Would maple syrup work as a standalone? In other words, could he drink just a small glass of maple syrup, especially since he claimed to 'love it so much'?

No, he said.

"It's good as a garnish, not as a standalone."

Furthermore, he said, "Although gravy is good for mashed potatoes, you probably wouldn't want to drink it."

I disagreed. "If it's so great it should also be great as a standalone."

"It's not even tolerable as a standalone."

I wondered about honey.

"Same thing" he said.

I closed my eyes. "Honey being licked off the chest of a good looking lady. Mmm."

"Heaven in this case is still a garnish," he opined. "But it's likely the one time you wouldn't get sick of eating it."

"What about bears?" I asked. "Don't they get entire meals from honey?"

"Bears regard honey as a dangerous snack."

Maple syrup AND honey dripping down the breasts of a good looking woman...

I described my fantasy.

"Can't beat that," he said, clearly salivating. "Prolonged eating."
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