Thursday, June 11, 2009


Legendary Sniper

He would put his blue dot on your left shoulder. That was his trademark.
As soon as you noticed it, BAM!, you were dead.


He chuckled when he heard a joke in-game and immediately typed "lol." Later, he heard the same person say something mildly amusing, so he typed "lol" again, but it didn't feel right -- it was more deserving of a "lis" ("laughing inside"). Since no one knows what a "lis" is, he couldn't use it. So he stopped giving out "lols" altogether. No more fake "lols." However, he wasn't a total prick--he would just put quotes around it.

DONNELLY -V- : that's disgusting
Desperato: that's harsh
Coverkilla: that's amore'
Crazy Bill: "lol"
Desperato: ?

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